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A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

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License: MIT License

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deno's Introduction


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Deno (/ˈdiːnoʊ/, pronounced dee-no) is a JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly runtime with secure defaults and a great developer experience. It's built on V8, Rust, and Tokio.

Learn more about the Deno runtime in the documentation.


Install the Deno runtime on your system using one of the commands below. Note that there are a number of ways to install Deno - a comprehensive list of installation options can be found here.

Shell (Mac, Linux):

curl -fsSL | sh

PowerShell (Windows):

irm | iex

Homebrew (Mac):

brew install deno

Chocolatey (Windows):

choco install deno

Build and install from source

Complete instructions for building Deno from source can be found in the manual here.

Your first Deno program

Deno can be used for many different applications, but is most commonly used to build web servers. Create a file called server.ts and include the following TypeScript code:

Deno.serve((_req: Request) => {
  return new Response("Hello, world!");

Run your server with the following command:

deno run --allow-net server.ts

This should start a local web server on http://localhost:8000.

Learn more about writing and running Deno programs in the docs.

Additional resources


We appreciate your help! To contribute, please read our contributing instructions.

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