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Leo Kettmeir's Projects

acorn icon acorn

A focused RESTful server framework for Deno 🌰🦕

clap icon clap

A full featured, fast Command Line Argument Parser for Rust

core-foundation-rs icon core-foundation-rs

Rust bindings to Core Foundation and other low level libraries on Mac OS X and iOS

cubism icon cubism

Live2D Cubism SDK wrapper for rust

deno icon deno

A secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime

deno-gfm icon deno-gfm

Server-side GitHub Flavored Markdown rendering for Deno

deno_docker icon deno_docker

Latest dockerfiles and images for Deno - alpine, centos, debian, ubuntu

denv icon denv

A module similar to dotEnv, but for Deno

docland icon docland

The documentation generation website for Deno

gmath icon gmath

🎮 A wasm accelerated game and graphics maths library for deno

google-datastore icon google-datastore

A set of APIs that allow interfacing to Google Datastore on GCP from Deno.

lsp-mode icon lsp-mode

Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol

mitata icon mitata

cross-runtime benchmarking lib and cli

rusty_v8 icon rusty_v8

Rust bindings for the V8 JavaScript engine

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