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Status: working on things related to Deno.

Satya Rohith's Projects

astro icon astro

The web framework for content-driven websites. ⭐️ Star to support our work!

bson-rust icon bson-rust

Encoding and decoding support for BSON in Rust

cardinal icon cardinal

A Deno module to get compass direction (16 directions) from degree.

compressible icon compressible

Check if a content type can be compressed using compression algorithms like gzip, brotli, deflate, etc.

conf icon conf

Simple config handling for your app or module

dectyl icon dectyl

Prototype library for testing Deno Deploy scripts using the Deno CLI

deno icon deno

A secure TypeScript runtime on V8

deno-title icon deno-title

Capitalize your titles as per The Chicago Manual of Style.

deno_docker icon deno_docker

Latest dockerfiles and images for Deno - alpine, centos, debian, ubuntu

deno_httpcache icon deno_httpcache

HTTP Caching for Deno - in memory and redis storage support. Inspired by the Service Worker Cache API.

deno_lint icon deno_lint

Blazing fast linter for JavaScript and TypeScript written in Rust

deno_webview icon deno_webview

Deno bindings for webview, a tiny library for creating web-based desktop GUIs

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