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Divy Srivastava's Projects

.js icon .js

This is the JavaScript tutorial repository for ProLang Tutorials. To add a new JavaScript Library tutorial to this repository, please make a new folder inside called libraryname.js or libraryname if the official name doesn't have the .js suffix. Example: angular.js or jQuery.

arcadia icon arcadia

Arcadia. Probably an open source chat platform? :rocket:

arienai icon arienai

My personal hardware wallet for Arweave

arpyino icon arpyino

A simple and really tiny package to communicate with your Arduino development board.

arql-ops-go icon arql-ops-go

Tiny library for functional composition of ArQL queries in Go.

autobot icon autobot

A Discord bot that does Desktop Automation.

autopilot-rs icon autopilot-rs

A simple, cross-platform GUI automation module for Rust.

awmp icon awmp

An easy to use wrapper around multipart fields for Actix web

bfjit icon bfjit

x86-64 JIT Compiler for Brainfuck in Go

bigfactorial icon bigfactorial

Precalculated compile-time factorial macro for numbers upto 99.

bloom-nim icon bloom-nim

Definitely not another blogging engine in Nim! :expressionless:

bresenham-wasm icon bresenham-wasm

Pure WAT/WASM implementation for Bresenham's line algorithm. Part of MWPS.

bun icon bun

Incredibly fast JavaScript runtime, bundler, transpiler and package manager – all in one.

candyscript icon candyscript

A minimal single-line programming language for writing web servers and restAPIs :candy: :relieved: :rocket:

cdn icon cdn

My personal CDN written in Node.js

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