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This project forked from denoland/eszip

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A compact file format to losslessly serialize an ECMAScript module graph into a single file

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License: MIT License

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eszip's Introduction


The eszip format lets you losslessly serialize an ECMAScript module graph (represented by deno_graph::ModuleGraph) into a single compact file.

The eszip file format is designed to be compact and streaming capable. This allows for efficient loading of large ECMAScript module graphs. is a tool for inspecting eszip files.


Creating an eszip

cargo run --example eszip_builder file_server.eszip2

Viewing the contents of an eszip

cargo run --example eszip_viewer file_server.eszip2

Loading the eszip into V8

cargo run --example eszip_load file_server.eszip2

File format

The file format looks as follows:

| Magic (8) | Header size (4) | Header (n) | Header hash (32) | Sources size (4) | Sources (n) | SourceMaps size (4) | SourceMaps (n) |

( | Specifier size (4) | Specifier (n) | Entry type (1) | Entry (n) | )*

Entry (redirect):
| Specifier size (4) | Specifier (n) |

Entry (module):
| Source offset (4) | Source size (4) | SourceMap offset (4) | SourceMap size (4) | Module type (1) |

( | Source (n) | Hash (32) | )*

( | SourceMap (n) | Hash (32) | )*

There is one optimization for empty source / source map entries. If both the offset and size are set to 0, no entry and no hash is present in the data sections for that module.


When opening a PR make sure to rebuild Wasm by running:

deno task build

eszip's People


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