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This project forked from denoland/deno_doc

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Documentation generator for Deno

License: MIT License

Rust 93.41% Dockerfile 0.16% TypeScript 2.12% JavaScript 1.26% CSS 2.29% HTML 0.76%

deno_doc's Introduction


A Rust crate to generate documentation for JavaScript and TypeScript modules.

This crate powers deno doc, but is not Deno specific and can be used to write documentation generators for other targets like Node or the browser as well.

Usage from Deno CLI or Deploy

See js/

Rust Example

examples/ddoc/ provides a minimal standalone binary demonstrating how deno_doc can be used as a crate.

$ cargo run --example ddoc ../deno_std/http/mod.ts


# build all targets
$ cargo build --all-targets

# test it
$ cargo test

# build js api
$ deno task build

# test it
$ deno task test


  • If you are going to work on an issue, mention so in the issue comments before you start working on the issue.

  • Please be professional in the forums. See our Code of Conduct.

  • Ask for help in the community chat room.

Submitting a Pull Request

Before submitting, please make sure the following is done:

  1. That there is a related issue and it is referenced in the PR text.
  2. There are tests that cover the changes.
  3. Ensure cargo test and deno task test passes.
  4. Format your code with rustfmt --check src/
  5. Make sure cargo clippy --all-targets --release --locked -- -D clippy::all passes.

deno_doc's People


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