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(Work in progress) React documentation website in Belarusian

Home Page:

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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Belarusian Translation Progress

For New Translators

To translate a page:

  1. Check that no one else has claimed your page in the checklist and comments below.
  2. Comment below with the name of the page you would like to translate. Please take only one page at a time.
  3. Clone this repo, translate your page, and submit a pull request!

Before contributing, read the glossary and style guide (once they exist) to understand how to translate various technical and React-specific terms.

Please be prompt with your translations! If you find that you can't commit anymore, let the maintainers know so they can assign the page to someone else.

For Maintainers

When someone volunteers, edit this issue with the username of the volunteer, and with the PR. Ex:

- [ ] Some Page (@exampleusername) #12345

When PRs are merged, make sure to mark that page as completed like this:

- [x] Some Page (@exampleusername) #12345

This ensures your translation's progress is tracked correctly at

Main Content

To do before releasing as an "official" translation. Please translate these pages first.

Note that each section has an index page, which needs to be translated too.

Learn React

API Reference

  • react: Hooks (@bielarusajed) #41

    • useCallback
    • useContext
    • useDebugValue (@bielarusajed) #42
    • useDeferredValue
    • useEffect
    • useId
    • useImperativeHandle (@bielarusajed)
    • useInsertionEffect
    • useLayoutEffect
    • useMemo
    • useReducer
    • useRef (@bielarusajed)
    • useState
    • useSyncExternalStore
    • useTransition
  • react: Components

    • <Fragment> (<>)
    • <Profiler>
    • <StrictMode>
    • <Suspense>
  • react: APIs

  • react-dom: Components

    • Common (e.g. <div>)
    • <input>
    • <option>
    • <progress>
    • <select>
    • <textarea>
  • react-dom: APIs

    • createPortal
    • flushSync
    • findDOMNode
    • hydrate
    • render
    • unmountComponentAtNode
  • react-dom/client: Client APIs

    • createRoot
    • hydrateRoot
  • react-dom/server: Server APIs

    • renderToNodeStream
    • renderToPipeableStream
    • renderToReadableStream
    • renderToStaticMarkup
    • renderToStaticNodeStream
    • renderToString

Navigation and UI

We suggest to leave most of the UI translation until the end. We plan to do some invasive changes to the website folder layout and components, so postponing this until your translation is almost complete would make it easier to merge the changes from our side later. It might make sense to translate the homepage above the fold early, but leave the rest for later. As individual pages get translated, you can change the page titles in the corresponding sidebar files. Finally, when you're translating the navigation, make sure to test both desktop and mobile layouts.

  • Homepage (currently in HomeContent.js)
  • Sidebars (currently in src/sidebar*.json)
  • Top-level navigation (currently in TopNav.tsx)

When You're Ready...

After everything above is translated, add your language to deployedLanguages in Seo.tsx of the original reactjs/ repository.

Secondary Content

These API pages should ideally be translated too, but they're less urgent and can be done after the others:

  • Legacy React APIs
    • Children
    • cloneElement
    • Component
    • createElement
    • createFactory
    • createRef
    • isValidElement
    • PureComponent

Optional Content

These aren't the main translation targets, but if you'd like to do them, feel free to expand the list to include their subpages:

  • Community
  • Blog
  • Warnings

Maintainer List

This translation is maintained by:

If you want to become a maintainer, ask them to add you. If the original maintainers are no longer responsive, raise an issue in the main translations repository.


Тэрмін Пераклад Заўвагі
props пропсы У адзіночным ліку - пропс
ref рэф
hook хук
state стан
to render рэндэрыць НЕ! рэндарыць (хаця гэта можна і абмеркаваць)
spread syntax сінтаксіс разгортвання
event handler апрацоўшчык падзей У дадзеным кантэксце назоўнік «апрацоўшчык» скланяецца як неадушаўлёны
arrow function стрэлачная функцыя
pure function чыстая функцыя
React component кампанент React
inline убудаваны (код)
linter лінтар
linting лінтаванне
to lint лінтаваць
formatting фармаціраванне НЕ! фарматаванне
pull request запыт на ўнясенне змяненняў (магчымыя варыянты для абмеркавання: запыт на зліванне???)
to merge аб'яднаць
to base базаваць
instance асобнік ці можа "экзэмпляр"?
production працоўнае асяроддзе
to define вызначыць
definition вызначэнне
to declare аб'явіць
declaration аб'яўленне
label (у кантэксте useDebugValue) пазнака НЕ! цэтлік
to block блакіраваць НЕ! блакаваць
DOM node вузел DOM
Strict Mode «Строгі рэжым» з двукоссямі
focus фокус
to focus факусіравацца
Troubleshooting Магчымыя непаладкі Як назва раздзела ў артыкуле
to nest укладаць
nesting укладзенасць

Стайлгайд Ubuntu, да якога можна звяртацца датычна астатняй тэрміналогіі: Google Sheet

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