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Sebastian Markbåge's Projects

art icon art

Retained mode vector drawing API designed for multiple output modes. There's also a built-in SVG parser.

art-illustrator icon art-illustrator

This project provides Adobe Illustrator ExtendScripts to export graphics to ART Script files.

art-morph icon art-morph

Plugin for ART that allow you to morph between two paths.

art-scene icon art-scene

Placeholder for something awesome regarding animation and interaction in the ART project.

art-script icon art-script

Provides a stub API to easily generate ART Script files (.art.js)

ast-js icon ast-js

Provides an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) to generate ECMAScript code.

calyptus.lob icon calyptus.lob

Calyptus Lob provides Large Object (BLOB/CLOB/...) support for DDD ORMs on the .NET/Mono platforms. Such as NHibernate.

calyptus.mvc icon calyptus.mvc

Calyptus MVC is a server side MVC web application framework for the .NET and Mono platforms.

calyptus.resourcemanager icon calyptus.resourcemanager

The Web Resource Manager is a server side tool to manage JavaScript, CSS, and other resources for the .NET and Mono platforms. It can be used with or independently of ASP.NET.

collectables icon collectables

A unified model for event composition and collections for JavaScript. Enumerables, Scales, Observables, Futures, Promises, Sets, Lists, Maps etc.

coretools icon coretools

Experimental draft of the Core of MooTools Core

d3 icon d3

This is a fork of D3 converted to CommonJS/Node style micro modules. See original source at

ecma262 icon ecma262

Status, process, and documents for ECMA262

ejecta icon ejecta

A Fast, Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio Implementation for iOS

esprima icon esprima

ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis

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