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This project forked from dprint/dprint

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TypeScript and JSONC code formatter.

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License: MIT License

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dprint's Introduction


npm version Build Status

Mono-repo for dprint—a configurable and pluggable code formatter.

This project is under active early development. I recommend you check its output to ensure it's doing its job correctly and only run this on code that has been checked into source control.

Currently only TypeScript, Javascript, and JSONC are supported.


Future - Moving away from the Node CLI

This project is slowly moving towards a Rust-only CLI independent of any language specific ecosystem.

The configuration, install, and setup instructions below will change. See issue #194 for more details.


Install dprint and the plugins you want to use as a dev dependency.

For example:

yarn add --dev dprint dprint-plugin-typescript dprint-plugin-jsonc
# or
npm install --save-dev dprint dprint-plugin-typescript dprint-plugin-jsonc

Setup and Usage

Run npx dprint --init in the repository's main directory to create a dprint.config.js file.

Here's an example:

// @ts-check
const { TypeScriptPlugin } = require("dprint-plugin-typescript");
const { JsoncPlugin } = require("dprint-plugin-jsonc");

/** @type { import("dprint").Configuration } */
module.exports.config = {
    projectType: "openSource",
    lineWidth: 160,
    plugins: [
        new TypeScriptPlugin({
            useBraces: "preferNone",
            "tryStatement.nextControlFlowPosition": "sameLine",
        new JsoncPlugin({
            indentWidth: 2,
    // this could also be specified as a command line argument
    includes: ["**/*.{ts,tsx,json,js,jsx}"],
    // optionally specify file globs for files to ignore
    excludes: [],

Add a format script to your package.json's "scripts" section (see npx dprint --help for usage):

  "name": "your-package-name",
  "scripts": {
    "format": "dprint"


yarn format
# or
npm run format

dprint's People


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