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Monorepo for dprint—a pluggable and configurable code formatting platform.

This project is under active early development. I recommend you check its output to ensure it's doing its job correctly and only run this on code that has been checked into source control.




This repo is under active early development.

  1. The interface between the CLI and plugins might change often. You may need to keep updating to the latest version of both the CLI and plugins (the CLI will let you know what to do).
    • An upgrade path will be outlined in the release notes when this occurs.
  2. I do a lot of this development in my spare time. Please consider sponsoring if you are a commercial company using this.

dprint's Projects

check photo check

GitHub action for running `dprint check`.

dprint photo dprint

Pluggable and configurable code formatting platform written in Rust.

dprint-vscode photo dprint-vscode

Visual Studio Code extension for formatting code with dprint.

plugins photo plugins

Redirect service to GitHub releases.

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