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imageupload icon imageupload

使用File API上传普通文件,结合canvas 客户端压缩图片,并实现文件上传服务端

imgareaselect icon imgareaselect

ImgAreaSelect is a jQuery plugin for selecting a rectangular area of an image. It allows web developers to easily implement image cropping functionality, as well as other user interface features, such as photo notes (like those on Flickr).

installr-updater icon installr-updater

A Titanium module to see if a tester is running the latest beta build uploaded to

ivory icon ivory

A simple, flexible, powerful and fully responsive grid based front-end web framework makes your web development faster and easier, & it takes you all the way from 1200px on down to 320px.

jjphp icon jjphp

JJPHP(Just Return JSON) 是一个基于BSD开源协议发布的,快速、简单的面向对象的 轻量级PHP开发框架。 该项目主要用于Web服务应用,如手机客户端的Server端,所以本身不提供View。如果要View可以用JVPHP。

junior icon junior

A front-end framework for building html5 mobile apps with a native look and feel.

koa-grace icon koa-grace

A Nodejs SFB(Separation of Front and Back ends) framework, build with koa(基于koa的标准前后端分离框架)

laptop icon laptop

Laptop is a shell script that turns your Mac OS X laptop into an awesome development machine.

laravel_api_init icon laravel_api_init


linkagesel icon linkagesel

javascript Infinite level linkage select, chainable select, generate <select> element dynamitically, support local, ajax data get

liveone icon liveone


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