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Prestashop API for Ruby including low-level API access and Prestashop fields converted into PORO

Home Page:

License: Other

Ruby 100.00%
prestashop prestashop-api prestashop-webservice ruby webservice

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prestashop's Issues

Order with multiple cart_items


I know that you was already surprised that someone is still using that repository but yeah, and I have new problem.

I want to create an order so I'm using to create proper payload but I have a problem when I want to build couple the same XML elements like under cart_items:


So I tried to pass array as items, but it doesn't work :(

cart_rows = []
      order.order_products.each do |product|
           id_product: product.product_id,
           quantity: product.qty

          id_shop: 1,
          id_customer: customer[:customer][:id],
          id_currency: currency_id,
          id_lang: language_id,
          id_address_delivery: address[:address][:id],
          id_address_invoice: address[:address][:id],
          id_carrier: carrier_id,
          secure_key: customer[:customer][:secure_key],
          associations: {
              cart_rows: cart_rows

And of course I cant create hash with the same symbols, do you have any solution for that?

can't add manufacturer with special symbols in name

For creating manufacturer with name "D & G" i use this code (with PS 1.6):

manufacturer = 'id_lang', name: "D & G")

In result, manufacturer with name "D &amp; G" created.
How can I create manufacturer with name: "D & G"?

Getting associations

Should this be possible? :orders, nil, {:filter => { :current_state => 4 }, :display => '[associations]'}

It just returns an error with PS 1.6
One option is to display full but there's a lot of stuff there which I don't need.

product variants?

Does the API support a full import/export of products including variants and maybe even images yet?
Looks like that's the "product options" case, right?

Typo in gemspec (homepage url)

Just a quick notice: you have a typo in your gemspec, so the URL on pointing to the guides is wrong.

can't modify frozen String

Just started testing with Prestashop
Running Prestashop::Client::Implementation.create 'api_key', 'api_url' gives the error can't modify frozen String...

Ruby: 2.3.0
Rails: 4.2.6

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