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This project forked from mridgway/hoist-non-react-statics

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Copies non-react specific statics from a child component to a parent component

License: Other

JavaScript 100.00%

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Copies non-react specific statics from a child component to a parent component. Similar to Object.assign, but with React static keywords blacklisted from being overridden.

$ npm install --save hoist-non-react-statics


import hoistNonReactStatic from 'hoist-non-react-statics';

hoistNonReactStatic(targetComponent, sourceComponent);

Compatible React Versions

Compatible React Version hoist-non-react-statics Version
0.13-15.0 >= 1.0.0


This software is free to use under the Yahoo Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.

Third-party open source code used are listed in our package.json file.

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