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interview's Introduction

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Please contribute to this repository to help it make better. Any change like new question, code improvement, doc improvement etc. is very welcome. Just send me a pull request and I will review the request and approve it if it looks good.

How to use this repository

Softwares to install

* Install JDK8 * Install Git * Install either Intellij * If you like eclipse instead of intellij install eclipse

Set up your desktop

* Pull the git repository. Go to command line and type git clone * Go to root directory of checked out project. * Run ./gradlew idea to generate idea related classes * Fire up intellij. Go to Open. Go to git repo folder and open interview.ipr . On file menu go to project structure. Update language level support to 8 * If you use eclipse, do ./gradlew eclipse . This will generate eclipse related files. Go to eclipse and open up folder containing this repo. * Go to any program and run that program * Go to any test and run the junit test. * Run ./gradlew build to create classes, run tests and create jar.

interview's People


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