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fluentpdo's Introduction

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FluentPDO is a quick and light PHP library for rapid query building. It features a smart join builder, which automatically creates table joins.


  • Easy interface for creating queries step by step
  • Support for any database compatible with PDO
  • Simple API based on PDO and SQL syntax
  • Ability to build complex SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE queries with little code
  • Small and very fast
  • Type hinting for magic methods with code completion in smart IDEs


The latest (2.x) release of FluentPDO supports PHP 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2

The legacy (1.x) release of FluentPDO supports PHP 5.4 to 7.1


Sitepoint - Getting Started with FluentPDO



The preferred way to install FluentPDO is via composer. v1.1.x will be the last until the release of 2.0, so we recommend using 1.1.* to ensure no breaking changes are introduced.

Add the following line in your composer.json file:

"require": {
	"envms/fluentpdo": "1.1.*"

update your dependencies with composer update, and you're done!


If you prefer not to use composer, simply copy the /FluentPDO directory into your libraries directory and add:

include "[your-library-directory]/FluentPDO/FluentPDO.php";

to the top of your application.

Getting Started

Create a new PDO instance, and pass the instance to FluentPDO:

$pdo = new PDO("mysql:dbname=fluentdb", "root");
$fluent = new FluentPDO($pdo);

Then, creating queries is quick and easy:

$query = $fluent->from('article')
            ->where('published_at > ?', $date)
            ->orderBy('published_at DESC')

which builds the query below:

SELECT article.*
FROM article
WHERE published_at > ?
ORDER BY published_at DESC

To get data from the select, all we do is loop through the returned array:

foreach ($query as $row) {
    echo "$row[title]\n";

Using the Smart Join Builder

Let's start with a traditional join, below:

$query = $fluent->from('article')
            ->leftJoin('user ON = article.user_id')

That's pretty verbose, and not very smart. If your tables use proper primary and foreign key names, you can shorten the above to:

$query = $fluent->from('article')

That's better, but not ideal. However, it would be even easier to not write any joins:

$query = $fluent->from('article')

Awesome, right? FluentPDO is able to build the join for you, by you prepending the foreign table name to the requested column.

All three snippets above will create the exact same query:

SELECT article.*, 
FROM article 
LEFT JOIN user ON = article.user_id

CRUD Query Examples

$query = $fluent->from('article')->where('id', 1);
$query = $fluent->from('user', 1); // shorter version if selecting one row by primary key
$values = array('title' => 'article 1', 'content' => 'content 1');

$query = $fluent->insertInto('article')->values($values)->execute();
$query = $fluent->insertInto('article', $values)->execute(); // shorter version
$set = array('published_at' => new FluentLiteral('NOW()'));

$query = $fluent->update('article')->set($set)->where('id', 1)->execute();
$query = $fluent->update('article', $set, 1)->execute(); // shorter version if updating one row by primary key
$query = $fluent->deleteFrom('article')->where('id', 1)->execute();
$query = $fluent->deleteFrom('article', 1)->execute(); // shorter version if deleting one row by primary key

Note: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries will only run after you call ->execute()

Full documentation can be found on the FluentPDO homepage


Free for commercial and non-commercial use under the Apache 2.0 or GPL 2.0 licenses.

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