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Risent 's Projects

django-subdomains icon django-subdomains

Subdomain tools for the Django framework, including subdomain-specific URL routing.

django-tagging icon django-tagging

Python 3 version of django-tagging to make migrating legacy Django apps easier.

django-xadmin icon django-xadmin

Drop-in replacement of Django admin comes with lots of goodies, fully extensible with plugin support, pretty UI based on Twitter Bootstrap.

dns2tcp icon dns2tcp

A DNS tcp proxy with some capture for practice.

docker-selenium icon docker-selenium

Selenium in Docker with Chrome & Firefox plus video recording support. Also check: Zalenium

docker-squid icon docker-squid

Dockerfile to create a Docker container image for Squid proxy server

genericimage icon genericimage

A Django Generic Image App used with other model, and integrate upload support with jQuery File Upload and tinymce.

geopy icon geopy

A Geocoding Toolbox for Python. Official git repo.

getimagedata icon getimagedata

Cross domain getImageData work around and jQuery plugin

git icon git

ProGit Book Fork generated using GitBook

godig icon godig

A dns lookup tool (like dig) write by go.

gunicorn icon gunicorn

gunicorn 'Green Unicorn' is a WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX, fast clients and sleepy applications.

lpthw-study-projects icon lpthw-study-projects

A collection of small study projects for after LPTHW which teaches basic systems coding in Python.

lua-resty-auto-ssl icon lua-resty-auto-ssl

On the fly (and free) SSL registration and renewal inside OpenResty/nginx with Let's Encrypt.

lua-resty-ssdb icon lua-resty-ssdb

Lua ssdb client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API, SSDB is a leveldb server.

lutem icon lutem

a lua template engine like a famous python template engine jinja2

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