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Java Course

Java is a popular programming language for several main reasons:

  • It workes on many different platforms.
  • It's easy to learn and open source.
  • It's fast and powerful.

Java is considered an Object Oriented programming language, making it easy to encapsulate data (and methods) in a class. A class is like a blue-print that contains all the properties that will be inherited by the objects created by it. This makes it easy to organize and re-use blocks of code.

Java is also a compiled language, meaning that it needs to be translated into machine readable code before it can run.

GitHub Learning Lab Instructions

This is an interactive course, where you will be prompted to do something to finish each step.

If it takes more than a few seconds for a response, try refreshing your browser.

Add a comment to this issue with the letter that answers this question.

Which of the following is false about Java?

a. Java is an Object Oriented programming language
b. Java is a scripting language, read only in the browser
c. Java files need to be compiled before you can run them

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