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Primer Design Guidelines

Home Page:

License: MIT License

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design's Introduction

Primer Design System documentation

Documentation for all things Primer, including components, UI patterns, foundations, guides, and more.


This repository is evolving as our documentation needs change. See our contribution guides here.

Project board (GitHub staff only)

Local development

  1. Clone this repo, e.g. with:

    git clone
  2. In the terminal, navigate (cd) to the repo directory

  3. nvm use --default to use the correct node version.

  4. yarn to install dependencies

  5. yarn start to start the dev server


We deploy this site using GitHub Pages. Every push to a branch other than main will deploy to a URL unique to the preview environment. Merges to main will automatically deploy the site to


How do I add documentation for a new component or edit existing component documentation?

I need help getting started.

I noticed a bug in the documentation!

  • Feel free to open a pull request or issue directly in this repository, or ping us in Slack (GitHub staff only)

design's People


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