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agreed's Introduction


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agreed is Consumer Driven Contract tool with JSON mock server.

agreed has 3 features.

  1. Create contract file as json(json5/yaml/etc) file
  2. mock server for frontend development.
  3. test client for backend development


$ npm install agreed -g


Usage as Frontend Mock Server

  • Create agreed file (this file is used as a contract between frontend and backend)
// save as agreed.js
module.exports = [
    request: {
      path: '/user/:id',
      method: 'GET',
      query: {
        q: '{:someQueryStrings}',
      values: {
        id: 'yosuke',
        someQueryStrings: 'foo'
    response: {
      headers: {
        'x-csrf-token': 'csrf-token', 
      body: {
        message: '{:greeting} {:id} {:someQueryStrings}',
        images: '{:images}',
        themes: '{:themes}',
      values: {
        greeting: 'hello',
        images: [
        themes: {
          name: 'green',
  • Run server
$ agreed-server --path ./agreed.js --port 3010
  • curl to the mock server
$ curl http://localhost:3000/user/yosuke?q=foo
  "message": "hello yosuke foo",
  "images": [
  "themes": {
    "name": "green"

Usage as Backend test client

  • Run test client for confirm response
$ agreed-client --path ./agreed.js --port 3030 --host

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