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Kevin.Y's Projects

smile_detector icon smile_detector

Training and testing smile-detector Machine Learning models / 利用机器学习模型训练和检测笑脸

soar icon soar

SQL Optimizer And Rewriter

solid icon solid

Solid - Re-decentralizing the web (project directory)

solo icon solo

:guitar: 一个用 Java 实现的博客系统,为你或你的团队创建个博客吧!A blogging system written in Java, feel free to create your or your team own blog.

sort-algorithm icon sort-algorithm


sourcegraph icon sourcegraph

Code search and intelligence, self-hosted and scalable

sparkml icon sparkml

spark 机器学习:利用jupyter工作来讲解算法原理并运行相关例子

spectacle icon spectacle

Spectacle allows you to organize your windows without using a mouse.

spring-boot-1 icon spring-boot-1

Spring Boot是由Pivotal团队提供的全新框架,其设计目的是用来简化新Spring应用的初始搭建以及开发过程。该框架使用了特定的方式来进行配置,从而使开发人员不再需要定义样板化的配置。通过这种方式,Spring Boot致力于在蓬勃发展的快速应用开发领域(rapid application development)成为领导者。

spring-boot-2 icon spring-boot-2

:laughing: 整合SpringBoot2.x+Mybatis,结合Vue.js简单实现CRUD业务

spring-boot-demo icon spring-boot-demo

Spring Boot的基础教程,由浅入深,一步一步学习Spring Boot,最后学到的不单单是基础!Spring Cloud基础教程请看:

spring-boot-examples icon spring-boot-examples

about learning Spring Boot via examples. Spring Boot 技术栈示例代码,快速简单上手教程。

spring-cloud-demo icon spring-cloud-demo

Spring Cloud的基础教程,由浅入深,一步一步学习Spring Cloud,最后学到的不单单是基础!Spring Boot基础教程请看:

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