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new-arch-sample's Introduction


It is a self-contained app with the following parts:

  • The state, the source of truth that drives our app;
  • The screen, a declarative description of the UI based on the current state
  • The actions, the events that occur in the app based on user input, and trigger updates in the state or domain actions(business logic)

This is a small example of "one-way data flow":

  • State describes the condition of the app at a specific point in time
  • The UI is rendered based on that state
  • When something happens (such as a user clicking a button), the action trigger some business logic using async call (Saga in our case)
  • Saga will trigger a function that will execute the business logic (also will call the APIs) and update the app state
  • The UI re-renders based on the new state


In our example :

  • There is a Button at WhatIsTheProblemScreen that on it onPress event will dispatch the investigationReducer.createInvestigation.
  • Saga will be trigger on this event and will be call the createInvestigation
  • The function createInvestigation will execute all business logic (calling the API)
  • In the end createInvestigation will dispatch investigationReducer.setInvestigation.
  • The State will be update in the reducer setInvestigation.
  • The UI will be re-render base on the state change



 INFO  "onStartNewInvestigationPress : Call the create Investigation action"
 INFO  "Create New Investigation: Start fetching"
 INFO  "Create New Investigation: Get params from the state manager"
 LOG  "Create New Investigation: Values from state manage" {
  "manufacturer": "manufacturer",
  "productType": "product type",
  "model": "model",
  "firstObservations": []
 INFO  "Create New Investigation: Call investigate api"
 LOG  "Create New Investigation: This is the response for investigate api" {
  "id": "test"
 INFO  "Create New Investigation: Call diagnose api"
 LOG  "Create New Investigation: This is the response for diagnose api" {
  "question": "Question name",
  "display": "test 1",
  "name": "test1",
  "inverted": false,
  "isFirstObservation": false,
  "isGroupAnswer": false,
  "isQuestionPresent": true
 INFO  "Create New Investigation: Call historic data api"
 LOG  "Create New Investigation: This is the response for historic data api" []
 INFO  "Create New Investigation: Update the app state"
 INFO  "Set Investigation State: Update investigation state with the new value" {
  "id": "test",
  "question": [
      "question": "Question name",
      "display": "test 1",
      "name": "test1",
      "inverted": false,
      "isFirstObservation": false,
      "isGroupAnswer": false,
      "isQuestionPresent": true
  "historicData": [],
  "firstObservations": []
 LOG  "Create New Investigation: Created with success"




new-arch-sample's People


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