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npm module to generate code for Hasura APIs in different languages/frameworks

Home Page:

License: MIT License

JavaScript 98.60% Shell 1.40%

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api-codegen's Issues

Add comment with install instructions for dependencies

Javascript Node for example should have the following comment on the first line
// run npm install --save node-fetch in the same directory as your package.json file.

Explore other languages and their appropriate dependency method.
Atleast link to the frameworks github page or something where a user can find installation instructions.

Grouping Languages / Frameworks

Currently the list of frameworks are individually listed. For example: JavaScript (jQuery), JavaScript (Node Fetch).

Grouping them according to each language would be better so that more and more libraries can be integrated.

Swift Codegen issue

  • change var to let for request param
  • Alamofire.request method param chronology change
  • Alamofire.request method params missing commas

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