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react's Introduction


This Repository is made under Hack For Valley oraganised by Developer Students Club(DSC-CIET).This event was organised virtually on Google Meet under the able mentorship of DSC-CIET Web Lead Mr. Saransh Dawra and Core Team Member Mr. Satvik Chachra. This was a one week virtual workshop in which React was taught from scratch. At the end of workshop each student made a mini project a To-Do Application. The corresponding screenshots of mini projects are added successfully in this repository. This was indeed a great learning experience.


Saransh Dawra               Satvik Chachra

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Saurabh Sahu                 Tanishq Singla                 Sahildeep Singh

Saurabh Image      Tanishq Image      Sahildeep Image      

Ayushi Sharma                 Isha Singh                 Charu Sachdeva

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Anshuman Parmar                 Kunal Kandhari                 

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