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macroid's Introduction

Macroid — a Scala GUI DSL for Android

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Macroid is the most badass modular functional user interface creation language for Android, implemented with Scala macros. Some people say it’s also a dead noodle.

Striving to be focused on one thing (GUI), Macroid promotes composability and high-level abstractions.

Prerequisites: Scala 2.10.x or 2.11.x, Android API 9+.

Latest version: 2.0.0-M4 (installation | changelog).

License: MIT.

For more info head to!


All contributions are welcome (and encouraged)!

Commit messages

Macroid’s commit message structure is inspired by the Spray project. The message has the following format:

[=|+|!] [core|viewable|akka|docs|all]: <Actual message>.
  • = means there are no API changes
  • + means added funtionality
  • ! means breaking changes (source or binary)


! core: Receive UI actions in mapUi & co (fix #48)

mapUi, flatMapUi, ... now operate on UI actions, rather than simple thunks.
For example, the new type signature for mapUi is (A ⇒ Ui[B]) ⇒ Future[B].

Following this convention greatly simplifies writing the changelogs.


Although this is not crucial, updating the docs under macroid-docs together with the code changes might save some time in the future, and thus is highly appreciated. It can be done in the same commit.

macroid's People


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