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actor-amazon-crawler icon actor-amazon-crawler

Amazon crawler - this configuration will extract items for a keywords that you will specify in the input, and it will automatically extract all pages for the given keyword. You can specify more keywords on the input for one run.

adbutils icon adbutils

pure python adb library for google adb service.

android-repository icon android-repository

Make a mirror of Android SDK Update Sites - works for both standalone and Android Studio built-in SDK Managers

autotrade icon autotrade

一款自动化交易框架, 可以在其基础上 架设自己的策略交易系统

chinese-calendar icon chinese-calendar


easyquant icon easyquant


easyquotation icon easyquotation

实时获取新浪 / 腾讯 的免费股票行情 / 集思路的分级基金行情

easytrader icon easytrader

提供银河/国金/华泰客户端/同花顺客户端/雪球的基金、股票自动程序化交易以及自动打新,支持跟踪 joinquant /ricequant 模拟交易 和 实盘雪球组合, 量化交易组件

finmesh icon finmesh

A python package that brings together financial and economic data.

funcat icon funcat

Funcat 将同花顺、通达信、文华财经麦语言等的公式写法移植到了 Python 中。

genpac icon genpac

PAC/Dnsmasq/Wingy file Generator, working with gfwlist, support custom rules.

gsync icon gsync

Sync Google Calendar,Google Contacts and Gmail for those in Non-GMS zones.

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