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athens's Introduction

twitter build-status discord total Athens is proudly backed by Y Combinator (W21) Athens Research - Open-source, local-first Roam Research | Product Hunt


Athens is a knowledge graph for research and notetaking. Athens is open-source, private, extensible, and community-driven.

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Sponsor us on Open Collective until we migrate to Stripe! We are building out a software service for individuals and teams and a self-hosted/on-premise solution for enterprises.

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You can use Athens as a local desktop app that saves data to your filesystem or with a self-hosted server.


You can modify Athens's source code. We are also building a plugin system for custom themes, keybindings, and integrations with other data sources.


Athens has a Discord with over 2,200 members. We handle support and feature development on Discord and GitHub. Every Sunday at 11am Pacific, we have a community call. You can help shape Athens — join us!


The problem today is that we are getting drowned in information. If we don't take notes, we forget everything. So we take notes, but then we have too many notes! Search doesn't work. Folders don't work. And no one does tagging.

Athens lets you take notes without praying to the search gods, without double-clicking endlessly on folders, and without manual tagging.

Athens does this with [[bidirectional links]] and ((block references)) that let you to take notes on anything from any page. Just [[link]] or ((reference)) another page or block - and voilà! - you can now go to this page and see all the places that linked back to it. The next time you press [[ or ((, you will be indexing through your previous notes, helping you connect the dots. You've starting creating a graph of your knowledge!


If you want to contribute to Athens as a developer or designer, please begin by reading Contributing. This also contains instructions on how to build Athens on your own computer.

Some tips once you've gotten Athens:


Athens is free to use as a local-only desktop app. We are currently building out a hosted software service that will start at $6/month. We have a self-hosted/on-premise option for enterprises, comparable to GitLab or Mattermost. If you want to use Athens commercially, please contact us at [email protected].

Please see our Open Collective for more details. We will be migrating to Stripe from OpenColllective.


To learn more about this project, please read:

Thank You

Athens is here today because of our Sponsors and Contributors. Thank you.



athens's People


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