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yippeeapp's Projects

ActiveLabel.swift photo ActiveLabel.swift

UILabel drop-in replacement supporting Hashtags (#), Mentions (@) and URLs (http://) written in Swift

adapter photo adapter

A quick adapter library for ListView , GridView , RecyclerView , ViewPager and ExpandableListView on android . Multiple view type is supported for ListView ,GrideView ,RecyclerView

Advance photo Advance

A powerful animation framework for iOS.

Aftermath photo Aftermath

A simple, annotation-based Android library for generating onActivityForResult handlers.

Akatsuki photo Akatsuki

Akatsuki is an Android library that handles state restoration via annotations.

AlarmClock photo AlarmClock

Alarm Clock app I wrote a decade ago. Releasing source code due to popular demand.

AndFix photo AndFix

AndFix is a library that offer hot-fix for Android App.

Android-Boilerplate photo Android-Boilerplate

Android Boilerplate project using an Espresso Test Module and Robolectric Unit Tests

android-bootstrap photo android-bootstrap

A template/bootstrap/boilerplate application that includes tons of great open source tools and frameworks.

Android-DDP photo Android-DDP

Meteor's Distributed Data Protocol (DDP) for clients on Android

android-design-template photo android-design-template

This is a State of the Art Android Material Design template. You can use this project as a template for upcoming App projects. Just clone the project, change package name and make all necessary customisations.

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