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Yunus Emre 's Projects

fromExcelToDbTable photo fromExcelToDbTable

Code block which taking the excel file and inserting the table.Column names have to be same otherwise it will not work.This project provides to facing the some erros in Sql Import Export Server such as compability of data types between excel and db table and you will solve the dependency to it.

GetirClone photo GetirClone

Getir mobile application clone for the youtube video

imdbDataScrapingBot photo imdbDataScrapingBot

Imdb Data Scraping Bot will collect the data from the IMDB which whatever you want.It was coded for scraping Tv Series for every country.You can use independently with changing the url using " site "take the url you want and run the bot.

keras_pruning_hardcoded photo keras_pruning_hardcoded

I could not find pruning api in Keras so i coded Weight Pruning and Neuron Pruning to maintain the performance while decreaseing of neural networks size

LetgoClone photo LetgoClone

Letgo mobile application clone for my youtube tutorial series

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