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Brandon B. Jozsa's Projects

42_deployment icon 42_deployment

Ansible Playbooks/Roles to Clone OCP 4.x Repos and Build Supporting Infrastructure Needed for UPI

aic-ci icon aic-ci

A collection of CI templates and scripts for aic-helm and our Kolla-Kubernetes workflow.

ansible-falco icon ansible-falco

Ansible role to setup Falco, behavioral security with sysdig

armada icon armada

A python orchestrator for a installing, upgrading, and managing a collection of helm charts, dependencies, and values overrides.

att-openstack-helm icon att-openstack-helm

A collection of community-provided Kubernetes/Helm charts, for the deployment and continued development lifecycle of containerized Openstack services on Kubernetes.

awesome-serverless icon awesome-serverless

:cloud: A curated list of awesome services, solutions and resources for serverless / nobackend applications.

barbican icon barbican

Barbican is a ReST API designed for the secure storage, provisioning and management of secrets, including in OpenStack environments.

bento icon bento

Packer definitions for building minimal Vagrant baseboxes

bootkube icon bootkube

bootkube - Launch a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster

bootkube-ci icon bootkube-ci

Bootkube-CI is a simple Kubernetes environment that can be used for a number of CI, development and/or demonstration scenarios.

cayman icon cayman

Cayman is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

cdmcs icon cdmcs

Cyber Defence Monitoring Course Suite :: TICK, Suricata, Moloch

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