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airflow icon airflow

Apache Airflow - A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows

deep_learning_estimator icon deep_learning_estimator

深度学习在推荐算法的ctr预估等场景中的应用,该项目使用tensorflow estimator进行封装,包括dnn、deepfm、din、autoint等模型

deepctr icon deepctr

Easy-to-use,Modular and Extendible package of deep-learning based CTR models.

dgl icon dgl

Python package built to ease deep learning on graph, on top of existing DL frameworks.

dl-on-flink icon dl-on-flink

Deep Learning on Flink aims to integrate Flink and deep learning frameworks (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc) to enable distributed deep learning training and inference on a Flink cluster.

drr icon drr

code for the paper "Personalized Re-ranking for E-commerce Recommender Systems"

edgeml icon edgeml

This repository provides code for machine learning algorithms for edge devices developed at Microsoft Research India.

emb4rec icon emb4rec

Embedding methods for recommender system

golang101 icon golang101

Go语言101 : 一本侧重于Go语言语法和语义的编程解释和指导书

hack-sysml icon hack-sysml

The road to hack SysML and become an system expert

hnswlib icon hnswlib

Header-only C++/python library for fast approximate nearest neighbors

hnswlib-java icon hnswlib-java

Java library for approximate nearest neighbors search using Hierarchical Navigable Small World graphs

kuda icon kuda

Kubernetes 原生的数据交付平台

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