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Hey! I'm @tiangolo (Sebastián Ramírez) 👋

I'm a software developer from Colombia. 🇨🇴

I currently live in Berlin, Germany. 🇩🇪

I have been building APIs and tools for Machine Learning and data systems, in Latin America, the Middle East, and now Europe, with different teams and organizations. 🌎

I created FastAPI, Typer and a bunch of other open source tools. 🚀

I like to build things with Deep Learning/Machine Learning, distributed systems, SQL and NoSQL databases, Docker, Python, TypeScript (and JavaScript), modern backend APIs, and modern frontend frameworks. 🤖

I'm currently dedicating a high percentage of my time to FastAPI, Typer, and my other open source projects. At the same time, I'm also helping a limited number of teams and organizations as an external consultant. If you would like to have my help with your team and product, feel free to contact me. 🤓

If my open source projects are useful for your product/company you can also sponsor my work on them. ☕

You can find me on:

Sebastián Ramírez's Projects

a2wsgi icon a2wsgi

Convert WSGI app to ASGI app or ASGI app to WSGI app.

alembic icon alembic

a database migrations tool for SQLAlchemy.

anyio icon anyio

High level asynchronous concurrency and networking framework that works on top of either trio or asyncio

asyncer icon asyncer

Asyncer, async and await, focused on developer experience.

blog-posts icon blog-posts

Blog posts and related code by Sebastián Ramírez (@tiangolo)

click icon click

Python composable command line interface toolkit

docker-registry-proxy icon docker-registry-proxy

An HTTPS Proxy for Docker providing centralized configuration and caching of any registry (, DockerHub, Google Container Registry) icon

Docker Swarm mode rocks! Ideas, tools and recipes. Get a production-ready, distributed, HTTPS served, cluster in minutes, not weeks.

fastapi icon fastapi

FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production

fastapi-cli icon fastapi-cli

Run and manage FastAPI apps from the command line with FastAPI CLI. 🚀

flask-frontend-docker icon flask-frontend-docker

Minimal project generator with a Flask backend, a modern frontend (Vue, React or Angular), a Traefik load balancer with HTTPS, all based on Docker.

full-stack icon full-stack

Full stack, modern web application generator. Using Flask, PostgreSQL DB, Docker, Swagger, automatic HTTPS and more.

full-stack-fastapi-template icon full-stack-fastapi-template

Full stack, modern web application template. Using FastAPI, React, SQLModel, PostgreSQL, Docker, GitHub Actions, automatic HTTPS and more.

full-stack-flask-couchbase icon full-stack-flask-couchbase

Full stack, modern web application generator. Using Flask, Couchbase as database, Docker, Swagger, automatic HTTPS and more.

full-stack-flask-couchdb icon full-stack-flask-couchdb

Full stack, modern web application generator. Using Flask, CouchDB as database, Docker, Swagger, automatic HTTPS and more.

github-actions-sandbox icon github-actions-sandbox

Not useful for you. It's just a sandbox GitHub repo for me to try out stuff and develop GitHub Actions.

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