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KHUN Keany Vy 17 ans C - Html - Css - JS - Python - Shell - Assembleur Website - Application - Automatisation - Blockchain - Sécurité - Base de donnée SQL/NoSQL - Linux - Réseau - Cryptographie

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bienvenue sur mon github

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Comet ZTF over Mount Etna :

Comet-like plumes are blowing over the volcanic peaks of Mount Etna in this wintry mountain-and-skyscape from planet Earth. The stacked and blended combination of individual exposures recorded during the cold night of January 23, also capture naked-eye Comet ZTF just above Etna's snowy slopes. Of course increasing sunlight and the solar wind are responsible for the comet's greenish coma and broad dusty tail. This weekend Comet ZTF is dashing across northern skies between north star Polaris and the Big Dipper. From a dark site you can only just spot it as a fuzzy patch though. That's still an impressive achievement if you consider you are gazing at a visitor from the distant Oort cloud with your own eyes. But binoculars or a small telescope will make for an even more enjoyable view of this Comet ZTF in the coming days. Comet ZTF Gallery: Notable Submissions to APOD

Mes projets Github Actifs :

Année Projet Description
2021-2022 Ngrok Web Tunnel Interface graphique web pour gérer les tunnels Ngrok
2021-2022 BuyWithCrypto Un moyen de payer en cryptomonnaie sur des marketplaces
2022-2023 OneGitBackup Un outil pour faire des backups de dépôts Github d'organisations

Keany Vy KHUN's Projects

blocktracker icon blocktracker

A tool to go up the transaction tree of an address on the Blockchain.

ngrok-web-manager icon ngrok-web-manager

A way to open reverse tunnels from a web GUI and without an ssh connection.

rgap-exfiltration icon rgap-exfiltration

This educational project is a POC to test different Air-Gap attack vectors.

socialfake icon socialfake

A powerful tool for carrying out social engineering attacks.

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