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suman gurung's Projects

enki icon enki

A Ruby on Rails blogging app for the fashionable developer - it's better than Mephisto or SimpleLog

fcomposer icon fcomposer

fcomposer is a ruby music composition library

god icon god

Ruby process monitor

rbet icon rbet

Git fork of rbet - a Ruby wrapper for the Exact Target API

ruby_loves_ddd icon ruby_loves_ddd

A sample application to get practice with ruby and Domain Driven Design

rvm icon rvm

Ruby enVironment (Version) Manager ( rvm )

savon icon savon

Heavy metal Ruby SOAP client library

whenever icon whenever

Provides clean ruby syntax for defining messy cron jobs and running them Whenever.

wss4r icon wss4r

Fork of wss4r on Rubyforge. Partial implementation of some of the WS-Security standards on top of SOAP4R. Implements encryption and signature for web services written in ruby.

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