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Python library for connecting to Chatango chat servers.

charsub icon charsub

A library to generate controlled permutations

clonk icon clonk

Learn a language by writing a new one. Here's my very own retro style interpreter.

dateexpiration icon dateexpiration

calculates the how long and on which valid day it should expire based on the number of months

dispatchtable icon dispatchtable

A rust library used for storing functions inside a key-based collection during runtime.

dotfiles icon dotfiles

A collection of my dot files for linux based systems.

dzr icon dzr

Command Line Player for Linux, BSD, Android, Windows

evc icon evc

Eventually consistent lock-free (when reading) synchronization primitive

gunslinger icon gunslinger

C99, header-only framework for games and multimedia applications

home-manager icon home-manager

Manage a user environment using Nix [maintainer=@rycee]

moresets icon moresets

a Library containing a collection of extra set classes.

myip icon myip

Quick script to pull your IP off of

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