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Shineit's Projects

ACEMusicPlayer photo ACEMusicPlayer

A material music player for the android platform, git it here :

adb-export photo adb-export

Bash script to export android content providers data to csv

AdminLTE photo AdminLTE

AdminLTE - Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x

AKSystemSound photo AKSystemSound

Simplifies playing caf audio files using AudioServicesPlaySystemSound.

AlarmClock-1 photo AlarmClock-1

Alarm Clock app I wrote a decade ago. Releasing source code due to popular demand.

Alcatraz photo Alcatraz

The most awesome (and only) Xcode package manager!

AlexaAndroid photo AlexaAndroid

A library and sample app to abstract access to the Amazon Alexa service for Android applications.

AlexaPi photo AlexaPi

Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Alexa Client

ALSystemUtilities photo ALSystemUtilities

THIS REPO IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED! This library provides a list of 80 methods to get every kind of system information!

Amazon-Echo-Api photo Amazon-Echo-Api

A managed implementation of the Unpublished, Undocumented, Amazon Echo Api. Can be used to monitor commands sent to Echo, add tasks / shopping items, play/stop media, and more.

androguard photo androguard

Reverse engineering, Malware and goodware analysis of Android applications ... and more (ninja !)

Android photo Android

BLE SDK for Android (v4.3 or above)

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