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This project used to be named, the name was changed back in October 2016.

Simple yet full-featured mail server as a set of Docker images. The idea behing Mailu is identical to motivations that led to providing a simple and maintainable mail server that is painless to manage and does not require more resources than necessary.

People from did an amazing job at accomplishing this ; any company looking for a serious yet simple mail server with professional support should turn to them.

This project is meant for free software supporters and hackers to reach the same level of functionality and still be able to host a complete mail server at little cost while running only FOSS, applying the KISS principle and being able to fine-tune some details if needed.

Try it out on our demo server.


Main features include:

  • Standard email server, IMAP and IMAP+, SMTP and Submission
  • Web access, multiple Webmails and adminitration interface
  • User features, aliases, auto-reply, auto-forward, fetched accounts
  • Admin features, global admins, per-domain delegation, quotas
  • Security, enforced TLS, outgoing DKIM, anti-virus scanner
  • Antispam, auto-learn, greylisting, DMARC and SPF
  • Freedom, all FOSS components, no tracker included

Creating a new user

Running a mail server

Mailu runs on top of Docker for easy packaging and upgrades. All you need is a proper system with Docker and Compose installed, then simply download the docker-compose.yml and sample .env, tune them to your needs and fire up the mail server:

docker-compose up -d

For a detailed walktrough, see the Setup Guide.


Mailu is free software, open to suggestions and contributions. All components are free software and compatible with the MIT license. All specific configuration files, Dockerfiles and code are placed under the MIT license.

For details, see the Contributor Guide.

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