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pingback-php's Introduction

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What is this!

Library for performing Pingback requests in a simple way (Pingback 1.0 compliant).

Pingback-PHP is Pingback 1.0 standard specification compliant. Please refer to its original webpage to get deeper information about how it works.

A quick example:

To inform to this article that you have referenced it from one of your posts by using the Pingback protocol, you can make it like this:

// Prepare the Pingback client
$requestHandler = new Pingback\RequestHandler();
$client = new Pingback\Client($requestHandler);

// Perform the pingback call
try {


} catch (Pingback\Exception $e) {
  printf("Exception raised with code (%d) : %s\n", $e->getCode(), $e->getMessage());


Pingback-PHP raises different exceptions if some error happens in the target server or between client-server communication.

All the exceptions has a direct correlation with the server reported faults:

  • 0: A generic fault code.
  • 0×0010 (16): The source URI does not exist.
  • 0×0011 (17): The source URI does not contain a link to the target URI
  • 0×0020 (32): The specified target URI does not exist.
  • 0×0021 (33): The specified target URI cannot be used as a target.
  • 0×0030 (48): The pingback has already been registered.
  • 0×0031 (49): Access denied.
  • 0×0032 (50): The server could not communicate with an upstream server.

So take care of this raised exceptions in your code.

Install it!

  1. Just put in one of your include_path folders, and make sure to use an PSR-0-compatible autoloader.


This library is only compatible with PHP 5.3 or later.

  • For now the unique dependency is the xmlrpc php extension for encoding/decing the protocol messages. We are looking to replace this with a simple library.

Test it!

Help us to mantain this library updated. Run our unit tests with phpunit to give us feedback about what doesn't work.

For running tests:

  1. Install in your system PHPUnit:
  2. And simply run phpunit from the root of projct: phpunit

And... what else?

If you find a bug or want to suggest a new video service, please let us know in a ticket.


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