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🇦🇿 React documentation website in Azerbaijani

Home Page:

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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React Azerbaijani Documentation

This repo contains the source code and documentation powering

🇦🇿 Azerbaijani Version | 📖 Glossary | 💅 Style Guide | Progress: 100%

Getting started


  1. Git
  2. Node: any 12.x version starting with v12.0.0 or greater
  3. Yarn: See Yarn website for installation instructions
  4. A fork of the repo (for any contributions)
  5. A clone of the repo on your local machine


  1. cd to go into the project root
  2. yarn to install the website's npm dependencies

Running locally

  1. yarn dev to start the hot-reloading development server (powered by Gatsby)
  2. open http://localhost:8000 to open the site in your favorite browser



The documentation is divided into several sections with a different tone and purpose. If you plan to write more than a few sentences, you might find it helpful to get familiar with the contributing guidelines for the appropriate sections.

Create a branch

  1. git checkout master from any folder in your local repository
  2. git pull origin master to ensure you have the latest main code
  3. git checkout -b the-name-of-my-branch (replacing the-name-of-my-branch with a suitable name) to create a branch

Make the change

  1. Follow the "Running locally" instructions
  2. Save the files and check in the browser
  3. Changes to React components in src will hot-reload
  4. Changes to markdown files in content will hot-reload
  5. If working with plugins, you may need to remove the .cache directory and restart the server

Test the change

  1. If possible, test any visual changes in all latest versions of common browsers, on both desktop and mobile.
  2. Run yarn check-all from the project root. (This will run Prettier, ESLint, and Flow.)

Push it

  1. git add -A && git commit -m "My message" (replacing My message with a commit message, such as Fix header logo on Android) to stage and commit your changes
  2. git push my-fork-name the-name-of-my-branch
  3. Go to the repo and you should see recently pushed branches.
  4. Follow GitHub's instructions.
  5. If possible, include screenshots of visual changes. A Netlify build will also be automatically created once you make your PR so other people can see your change.


If you are interested in translating, please see the current translation efforts at

If you would like to add a new term or change an existing one please change make you changes to file in the repository and make a PR. In this documentation, all the terms are consistent across the documentation; so, when making a PR, let us know the decision behind the change.


  • yarn reset to clear the local cache


Content submitted to is CC-BY-4.0 licensed, as found in the file.'s People


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Glossary of Terms


Glossary of Terms

How to use React with suffixes?

  • React-i
  • React-ə
  • React ilə
  • React-lə
  • React-də

How to use API with suffixes?

I think it makes more sense to keep API as it is pronounced in English:

So, we should use suffixes like this:

  • API-ı
  • API-a
  • API ilə
  • API-la
  • API-da

Also make sure to write API, not APİ

React Terms

English Azərbaycanca
class component klas komponent
controlled component kontrol olunan komponent
click tıklamaq
component komponent
fragments fraqmentlər
functional component funskional komponent
portal portal
properties parametrlər
prop(s) prop(lar)
lifecycle lifecycle
ref ref
render render etmək
(in context of React components)
(in general context)
stateful component state-li komponent
uncontrolled component kontrolsuz komponent

Other Terms

English Azərbaycanca
accessibility imkanlılıq
anchor anker təqi
application applikasiya
array massiv
arrow function arrow funkiyası
asynchronous asinxron
attributes atributlar
bug baq
bundle paket
child uşaq
class klas
composition kompozisiya
conditional rendering şərtli render
constructor konstuktor
crash çökmə
current cari
data məlumat
debug dibaq
declarative deklarativ
elements elementlər
embedding expressions
expression ifadə
external plugins xarici pluginlər
extent genişləndirmək
extention genişlənmə
event handler hadisə işləyicisi
example nümunə
framework freymvork
guide təlimat
hierarchy ierarxiya
higher order function yüksək dərəcəli funskiya
immutability dəyişməzlik
imperative imperativ
implementation tətbiq
import import
inheritance varislik
initialize inisializasiya
instance instansiya (computer term)
interact qarşılıqlı təsir etmək
item element
keyboard klaviatur
library kitabxana
local lokal
map uzlaşdırmaq
maintainer saxlayıcı
node nod
note qeyd
operator operator
output nəticə
package paket
parent valideyn
pattern pattern
plain sadə
polyfill polifil
pooling pulinq
power dəstəkləmək
private privat
propagate yaymaq
refactor refaktor
reference referans
reset sıfırlamaq
reuse təkrar istifadə
runtime icra müddəti
stack stek
syntax sintaksis
technology stack texnologiya steki
tip məsləhət
tool alət
tutorial dərslik
UI UI (not Azerbaijani İ)
user istifadəçi
Web Veb
wrapped component əhatə olan komponent
native nativ

Translation of "pattern"

Should we keep "pattern" in English or we can translate it as "şablon" in Azerbaijani and add to the Glossary in any case.

Awaiting Reviews

Translate style guide

I have merged the style guide and localized the source codes, which is enough for now but it is important for us to translate this guide in Azerbaijani for newcomers.

Discord Server

For the time being, aside from PRs and issues, in order to communicate more efficiently for things such as what words to use or just general talk, I have created a Discord server:

Azerbaijani Translation Progress

For New Translators

To translate a page:

  1. Check that no one else has claimed your page in the checklist and comments below.
  2. Comment below with the name of the page you would like to translate. Take only one page at a time.
  3. Clone this repo, translate your page, and submit a pull request!

Before contributing, read the glossary to understand how to translate various technical and React-specific terms.

Please be prompt with your translations! If you find find that you can't commit any more, let the maintainers know so they can assign the page to someone else.

For maintainers

When someone volunteers, edit this issue with the username of the volunteer, and with the PR. Ex:

When PRs are merged, make sure to mark that page as completed!

Core Pages

To do before releasing as an "official" translation. Please translate these pages first.


API Reference


These are the navigation links that appears in the sidebar. Possibly wait until
the corresponding sections are translated to do these.

Next Steps

These are the next most important translations, ordered by importance:



Everyone is hooked on hooks! People are really excited for these and it would be great for them to be translated.


These are the pages that you get when you click the links in the console (e.g. People tend to search these, so please don't translate the error message itself.

Advanced Guides



Concurrent Mode (Experimental)


Priority: Low


Components in src/components that have some text in them.



Terms Question: Should we be translating React terms such as "props", "state", and "lifecycle"?

I am asking this because, currently I have translated these values and as I read through them, it makes it harder to catch the actual name of it. My suggestion it to keep singular values and add azerbaijani suffixes:

  • prop and proplar
  • state and state-li komponent (stateful component)
  • lifecycle metodları (lifecycle methods)

What do you guys think? In documentation and tutorial, we are already explaining what they are in Azerbaijani using simpler terms. So, I think explaining them in Azerbaijani while making people remember the naming this way would make future conversations easier in React community.

Translation of the term "Classes"

This issue is created to discuss if we should be using "siniflər", "class-lar", or "klaslar"? Currently, we have been using "klaslar" to refer to classes; however, this might not be the best option. I want to hear your opinions.

Comments in Azerbaijani are more than welcome!

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