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Iban Eguia Moraza's Projects

autoescuela icon autoescuela

Programa de gestión de tests teóricos para autoescuelas.

aw-fel-rs icon aw-fel-rs

Allwinner ARM FEL mode library for Rust, based on sunxi-tools (

btclib icon btclib

Bitcoin Library for CodeIgniter

contributor_covenant icon contributor_covenant

Pledge your respect and appreciation for contributors of all kinds to your open source project.

diesel icon diesel

A safe, extensible ORM and Query Builder for Rust

editor icon editor

Learning how to do text editors.

exploding-stars icon exploding-stars

Application to show data about airbusts, for the NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2015 Airburst Data Visualization challenge

fdp icon fdp

Remote robotic experiment integration in a game platform to promote STEM in young people

fel-cli icon fel-cli

CLI tools for dealing with Allwinner devices in FEL mode, in pure Rust.

foodweb icon foodweb

Web server for the food finder application

home icon home

My home administration web page

md5-project icon md5-project

Md5 Project es un programa que encripta una cadena de caracteres y la introduce en una base de datos, para posteriormente desencriptar el hash creado. Está traducido a tres idiomas: Español, Inglés y Euskera.

megapublik icon megapublik

MegaPublik es un juego multijugador online que recrea una sociedad virtual en la que cada ciudadano vive una segunda vida, desde un punto de vista estratégico.

rust-web-template icon rust-web-template

This repository pretends to give a starting point for a new website in Rust.

sea-orm icon sea-orm

🐚 An async & dynamic ORM for Rust

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