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Elastic terminal table that resizes to adapt terminal width

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License: MIT License

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go-elastictable's Introduction

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Go command line tables with elastic column resizing to adapt terminal width.


Naive algorithms simply take width-of-table/width-of-terminal and apply a uniform factor to grow/shrink the columns. This results in shoddy output, small columns become worse when wrapped.

This library optimizes for visual balance by doing the following:

  • Closely pack wrapped lines:

    # don't:
    | don't waste whitespace in the second |
    | line                                 |
    # do:
    | when wrapping a column |
    | try to pack the lines  |
    | as closely as possible |
  • Balance row heights:

    # don't:
    | COL-1       | COL-2       | COL-3       |
    | small col   | small col   | really big  |
    |             |             | column that |
    |             |             | spans many  |
    |             |             | rows        |
    # do:
    | COL-1 | COL-2 | COL-3                   |
    | small | small | really big column that  |
    | col   | col   | spans many rows         |
  • Number of lines depends on wrapping behavior and is hard to predict in advance. So instead of fully computing expensive re-wraps for every pass, it rather just guesses the number of lines using simple rune widths. This works well in most cases, except there will be some trade-offs in certain scenarios.

Compatibility Note

This library is currently under active development. Please use a dependency manager (like godep) to pin specific commit versions.

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