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Pe2mbs's Projects

ajenti icon ajenti

Ajenti - the web admin panel everyone wants.

b6mon icon b6mon

Logging tool for SkyRC iMAX B6 Mini (and possibly similar) chargers. Runs on Linux.

coilmq icon coilmq

Lightweight Python STOMP message broker.

flysky-i6-mod- icon flysky-i6-mod-

A collection of software modifications for the FlySky i6, some useful, some experiment. All use of this repository is experimental and you use at your own risk. But, progress is being made.

flyskyi6 icon flyskyi6

14 channels FW modifications for FlySky I6

fo-be-demo icon fo-be-demo

Running an Angular application from Python and Flask

fygen icon fygen

fygen is a Python library for Feeltech Signal Generators (FY2300, FY6600, FY6800, FY6900 and more)

gs3 icon gs3

Dies ist die Asterisk Version von Gemeinschaft

gxpgen icon gxpgen

A python tool to allow creation of encrypted Grandstream GXP 20xx (VOIP Phone) configs from a set of templates.

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