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Navid Nikpour's Projects

2048 icon 2048

A small clone of 1024 (

3drestaurantmenu icon 3drestaurantmenu

A responsive 3D menu concept for a restaurant website. The idea is to show the menu as a folded flyer and unfold it in order to show the menu items.

92five icon 92five

Self hosted project management application

abrest icon abrest

Abstraction for dealing with RESTful services so your can always be abreast.

absurd icon absurd

Writing your CSS in JavaScript. That's it!

accounting.js icon accounting.js

A lightweight JavaScript library for number, money and currency formatting - fully localisable, zero dependencies.

ace icon ace Cloud9 Editor

acorn icon acorn

A small, fast, JavaScript-based JavaScript parser

actionhero icon actionhero

actionHero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilites and delayed tasks

adapterjs icon adapterjs

AdapterJS Javascript Polyfill and Utilities for WebRTC - Temasys Open Source

ade icon ade

AngularJS Datatype Editors

adi.js icon adi.js

:no_entry_sign: Adblock Identifier

adm-zip icon adm-zip

A Javascript implementation of zip for nodejs. Allows user to create or extract zip files both in memory or to/from disk

agenda icon agenda

Lightweight job scheduling for node

ajenti icon ajenti

Ajenti - the web admin panel everyone wants.

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