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I'm a Haskell programmer who lives in Cambridge with my wife Emily and son Henry. I have a PhD in Computer Science from York University, working on making functional programs shorter, faster and safer. Since then I've worked at Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered, Barclays Bank and Digital Asset, and I currently work at Facebook — but all content and opinions are my own. I'm a strong believer in the functional programming approach, finding the combination of conciseness, static-typing and testability to offer significant advantages. I've got a blog mostly about Haskell, and I'm also on Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub. To get in touch email me at [email protected].

Open Source Projects

I develop a number of open source Haskell projects, all of which can be found at my Github page or on Hackage. I welcome both contributions via pull requests and bug reports via the GitHub issue trackers. Some of my more popular projects include:

  • Shake - a library for writing build systems, an alternative to make.
  • Hoogle - a Haskell API search engine, searching the standard Haskell libraries by function name and type signature.
  • HLint - a tool that suggests stylistic improvements to Haskell code.

A list of all my talks and papers are available on

Neil Mitchell's Projects

alex icon alex

A lexical analyser generator for Haskell

awesomo icon awesomo

Prototype optimiser for Haskell programs

bake icon bake

UNMAINTAINED: Continuous integration server

binarydefer icon binarydefer

Haskell library for binary serialization, but with delays

butcher icon butcher

haskell library to parse commandline args - an alternative to optparse-applicative

catch icon catch

Haskell pattern match analsyis checker

cmdargs icon cmdargs

Haskell library for command line argument processing

criterion icon criterion

A powerful but simple library for measuring the performance of Haskell code.

daml icon daml

The DAML smart contract language

debug icon debug

Haskell library for debugging

derive icon derive

A Haskell program and library to derive instances for data types

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