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Michael Koval's Projects

aptly icon aptly

aptly - Debian repository management tool

bloom icon bloom

A release automation tool which makes releasing catkin ( packages easier.

boost_numpy_eigen icon boost_numpy_eigen

A small example of using boost.python, boost.numpy and the C++ Eigen matrix library together

catkin icon catkin

A CMake-based build system that is used to build all packages in ROS.

dart icon dart

Dynamic Animation and Robotics Toolkit

fieldforcetcm icon fieldforcetcm

ROS node to communicate with the PNI Fieldforce TCM digital compass

group_ptr icon group_ptr

shared_ptr-like class with group ownership semantics

hax icon hax

Hardware Abstraction for VEX is a C hardware abstraction layer for the VEX Robotics PIC18 and ARM Cortex M3 micrcontrollers. See the Wiki for a more detailed overview and for a guide to get started.

ir-utils icon ir-utils

Utility scripts useful for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of infrared distance sensor data.

jaguar icon jaguar

ROS node for interfacing with the TI Jaguar using CANbus messages bridged using RS232.

klampt icon klampt

Kris' Locomotion and Manipulation Planning Toolkit

line-follower icon line-follower

Line-following algorithms implemented on an Arduino Duemilanove with Rutgers IEEE Robotic's custom line-following shield.

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