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Mario Finelli's Projects

arch-install photo arch-install

new machine setup automation for arch linux, debian, and macos

artist-mapper photo artist-mapper

Ruby script to process dataset for UMD class CMSC489J

bankrupt photo bankrupt

A sinatra helper for assets in development and production

bat photo bat

A cat(1) clone with wings.

bltfirefox photo bltfirefox

BLT: Bandwidth Listening Tool for Mozilla Firefox

extended-statusbar photo extended-statusbar

Firefox addon which adds a statusbar with speed, percentage, time and loaded size (similar to Opera's one)

firewall photo firewall

Set of bash scripts to generate a firewall in Linux using iptables. Based on:

gimp-dds photo gimp-dds

Automatically exported from

gitfiti photo gitfiti

abusing github commit history for the lulz

gitignore photo gitignore

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

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