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Luka Mirosevic's Projects

ActionSheetPicker photo ActionSheetPicker

Quickly reproduce the dropdown UIPickerView / ActionSheet functionality from Safari on iPhone/ iOS / CocoaTouch.

angular-stateManager photo angular-stateManager

A simple state manager implementation for Angular.js which enables nested views, the browser back button, proper history, and deep linking.

appirater photo appirater

A utility that reminds your iPhone app's users to review the app.

cert photo cert

Automatically create and maintain iOS code signing certificates

fastlane photo fastlane

Connect all iOS deployment tools into one streamlined workflow

gb-api photo gb-api

Goonbee's simple & error handled API wrapper for node.js based thrift services, so you can just get work done.

gb-chat photo gb-chat

Goonbee's realtime chat service for node.js, with pluggable backends.

gb-push photo gb-push

Goonbee's simple push service: registration of push tokens, channel subscription and notification delivery for APNS and GCM.

gb-push-client photo gb-push-client

Service interface library to Goonbee's simple push service. This is the component which you use to send push notifications to your subscribers.

GBAds photo GBAds

Abstracts away different interstitial ad network implementations and implements simple mediation logic for maximising fill rates

GBAnalytics photo GBAnalytics

Abstracts away different analytics networks and provides a unified simple interface

GBCardStack photo GBCardStack

iOS UI paradigm for a stack of sliding cards. Used in VLC iRemote

GBChat photo GBChat

Objective-C client library for Goonbee's chat service, for iOS and OS X.

GBCloudBoxClient photo GBCloudBoxClient

GBCloudBox is a framework for over-the-air, asynchronous, in-the-background, resource syncing between iOS or Mac OS X apps and a server.

GBCloudBoxServer-NodeJS photo GBCloudBoxServer-NodeJS

GBCloudBox is a framework for over-the-air, asynchronous, in-the-background, resource syncing between iOS or Mac OS X apps and a server.

GBCloudBoxServer-Ruby photo GBCloudBoxServer-Ruby

GBCloudBox is a framework for over-the-air, asynchronous, in-the-background, resource syncing between iOS or Mac OS X apps and a server.

GBDeviceInfo photo GBDeviceInfo

Detects the hardware, software and display of the current iOS or Mac OS X device at runtime.

GBFancyCamera photo GBFancyCamera

A blocks based class for taking pictures from the camera or camera roll, with preview and filters. Supports fully customising the UI as well as custom filters.

GBFeatureManager photo GBFeatureManager

Simple iOS and Mac OS X feature manager for unlocking functionality (e.g. for IAP purchases).


Lightweight HUD (heads up display) for quick transient modals in iOS & OSX apps


Goonbee's In-App Purchases, simplified. Second Edition.

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