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Luis Alfonso Higuera Gamboa's Projects

cpp-btree icon cpp-btree

Automatically exported from

gluon icon gluon

A thin layer to glue together some great go libraries in order to create a micro web framework

go-poker icon go-poker

Poker program from udacity course Design of Computer Programs

go-tigertonic icon go-tigertonic

A Go framework for building JSON web services inspired by Dropwizard

goji icon goji

Goji is a minimalistic web framework for Golang that's high in antioxidants.

httprouter icon httprouter

A high performance HTTP request router that scales well

marshaler icon marshaler

go-tigertonic portion of code that implementes an http.Handler that unmarshals JSON input, handles the request via a function, and marshals JSON output

reviewninja-welcome icon reviewninja-welcome

Welcome repo for ReviewNinja to help you get started. Feel free to delete when you're done, we won't take it personally.

slate icon slate

Beautiful static documentation for your API

sparsehash icon sparsehash

Automatically exported from

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