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Lev Panov's Projects

cereal photo cereal

A C++11 library for serialization

Cinder photo Cinder

Cinder is a community-developed, free and open source library for professional-quality creative coding in C++.

Cinder-Hap2 photo Cinder-Hap2

Hap movie player for Cinder glNext (Mac and Windows).

Cinder-Warping photo Cinder-Warping

A Cinder block that enables you to easily create editable bi-linear and perspective warps, or a combination of the two.

d3-threeD photo d3-threeD

Very limited, in-progress attempt to hook d3.js up to three.js

driftsync photo driftsync

DRIFTsync - A lightweight and dependency free time synchronization library with implementations in various languages and frameworks.

ffmpeg-tutorial photo ffmpeg-tutorial

A set of tutorials that demonstrates how to write a video player based on FFmpeg

gco_python photo gco_python

Python wrappers for GCO alpha-expansion and alpha-beta-swaps

gliv-ng photo gliv-ng

Another image viewer that uses OpenGL

invader photo invader

bitchin project involving ruby (on rails), blackjack and hookers

kyle photo kyle

Automatically exported from

netLink photo netLink

Socket and Networking Library using[C++11]

poly2tri photo poly2tri

Automatically exported from

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