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My name is Yoshiya Hinosawa. I've been a web engineer in 🇯🇵 for about 15 years. I specialize in frontend development. Currently I work for Deno 🌧🦕.

I use mainly JavaScript and TypeScript for my job, and sometimes I use Rust, Golang, Python, Java, etc depending on the situations. I've published ~100 packages to npm ( ).

I've been learning Rust 🦀, Go, and OCaml 🐪 recently.

Yoshiya Hinosawa's Projects

finagle icon finagle

A fault tolerant, protocol-agnostic RPC system

fraktur icon fraktur

𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔨𝔱𝔲𝔯 converter

fresh icon fresh

The next-gen web framework.

frontmatter icon frontmatter

[Deprecated] use std/encoding/front_matter.ts instead

function-as icon function-as

var method = function () {...}.as(decorator0).as(decorator1);

gh-pulls icon gh-pulls

CLI tool for showing numbers of pull requests by the user of the given user name.

git-chglog icon git-chglog

CHANGELOG generator implemented in Go (Golang).

git-daily icon git-daily

Git-daily is a workflow management tool for Git. Managing branches, releases and remote collaborations.

gitmoji icon gitmoji

An emoji guide for your commit messages. 😜

go icon go

The Go programming language

gosseract icon gosseract

OCR library by Golang, wrapping Tesseract-ocr

gretty icon gretty

Advanced gradle plugin for running web-apps on jetty and tomcat.

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