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Kris Hedges's Projects

bootstrap icon bootstrap

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

clicktrack icon clicktrack

A prototype for charting points on an image/div by tracking click locations via jquery (Sinatra, Haml, Jquery)

conclave icon conclave

Soon to be the greatest web forum EVER DEVISED.

cordova-plugin-audioinput icon cordova-plugin-audioinput

This iOS/Android Cordova/PhoneGap plugin enables audio capture from the device microphone, by in near real-time forwarding audio to the web layer of your application. A typical usage scenario for this plugin would be to use the captured audio as source for a web audio node chain, where it then can be analyzed, manipulated and/or played.

elementary icon elementary

A JavaScript runtime for writing native audio applications, as well as a library and framework for composing audio signal processes.

figgo icon figgo

👯‍♀️A cli tool makes your Figma and local design token stay in sync 👯‍♂️

fluidity icon fluidity

A Modern CSS3 & HTML5 Framework for Stylus

fluidity-ui icon fluidity-ui

A complimentary javascript lib for the fluidity css lib and mobile-first design

font-awesome icon font-awesome

The iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap

generator-fluidity icon generator-fluidity

This generator will create a front-end development environment using Express, Coffeescript, and Stylus with Fluidity. It will create a base app and file structure. Using the 'grunt dev' task you'll have features like live-reload on both the client-side and server-side changes to view files and coffee-hinting throughout the entire app. Using the 'grunt build' task will concat/compress/minify/lint/hint client-side js/css and dynamically generate documentation using docco and a generated styleguide with styldocco. A generator for Yeoman.

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